Target shooting is one of the safest sports, to maintain this status the club has stringent rules regarding the safe handling of all firearms and ammunition, and on the conduct of shooters both on and off the range.

All visitors, guests and probationary members must undergo a safety briefing and will be given a copy of the club safety standing orders.

Range Safety Rules

  1. NEVER point a firearm at anyone
  2. Never place any part of your body on or in front of the muzzle of a firearm
  3. Carry firearms muzzle pointing upwards or downwards whilst not on the firing point
  4. Have a safety flag fitted in the breech at all times other than when you are firing (where practical)
  5. Wear ear defenders
  6. Follow the Range Officer’s commands
  7. Do not leave the firing point until the Range Officer has cleared your firearm and any magazines
  8. Do not go forward of the firing point until the Range Officer gives you permission to do so
  9. Do not pick up or handle any firearm which you have not been trained on or invited to do so
  10. When picking up a firearm, which you are trained and permitted to use, check it is safe by carrying out normal safety precautions
  11. Magazines must not be fitted into the firearm until the Range Officer has given permission to commence fire
  12. Firearms which are loaded and ready to fire should only be pointed down the range so that, if the firearm should be fired accidentally, the bullet/pellet will strike the backstop
  13. When shooting Prone Rifle, the rifle must be in the shoulder and the muzzle pointing in a safe direction before the bolt or action is closed
  14. In the event of a misfire or malfunction, keep the firearm pointed down the range at all times and alert the Range Officer if you cannot safely clear the firearm.
  15. Only fire at authorised targets, not the range fittings
  16. Only fire firearms for which the range is certified
  17. No persons on the range and no firearms to be handled whilst the Range Officer is forward of the firing point or changing targets
  18. Firearms must not be handled if someone is forward of the firing point

General Rules

  1. Ensure the range extraction system is on prior to shooting
  2. If you have handled ammunition, empty cases or pellets you should wash your hands with the soap provided prior to leaving the range or prior to consuming food or drink
  3. Pick up your empty cases or dropped pellets
  4. Avoid walking on the prone shooting mats (keep them clean thanks)
  5. ANY firearms being taken into or removed from the club premises must be properly covered in a gun case/box or rifle slip /bag and be in an un-loaded condition

Any member found to be blatantly in contravention of these safety rules and point 5 (General Range Rules) will be reported to the Committee

(Safety Rules last updated August 2009)